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Irvine City Council - City of Irvine

Meet Diana

Passionate, driven, inclusive.

Irvine is the city Diana has called home for more than 25 years. Diana is running for Irvine City Council elections to work for Irvine’s schools, public safety, and quality of life. These reasons were why Diana and her husband chose to raise their two children in Irvine. From her time serving on the Irvine Children, Youth, and Family Advisory Committee to UCI’s Social Science Leadership Society, Diana has always listened and worked for the concerns of the Irvine voters and residents.

My Plan

I have been thinking about how to protect our Irvine’s value while we recover from the pandemic. Here is my plan.

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Vision For Irvine

First we must recover! Re-opening our economy safely will be a complicated and difficult process. But it is the only way we can begin to rebuild our city finances and restore our city services. It will be our most immediate challenge. We should also view this process as an opportunity. An opportunity to take a fresh look at the way we perform city services and see if there are ways to be more efficient and cost effective as we rebuild. 

Diana will work to team with innovation and research centers in our universities like UCI and existing technology companies to advocate for “Silicon Ranch” in Irvine. It will create more  job opportunities, bring in more revenue to the city, and provide more community service programs for our residents. A positive cycle! Visit for more information.

Diana will donate her Council Salary to Irvine Education and Senior programs.  She is committed to serving you. Your City, Your Candidate!

Irvine City Council

Usually, it is the presidential races that get all the limelight but the truth is we often have more power to do something about these smaller local races. In some places, the deciding vote on the most important decisions has been a single vote.  


Your city council is made of council members who are each responsible for representing the interests of their constituents. The city council has the final say in creating laws and approving the budget pertaining to the city. They also have the power to develop their own initiatives. This includes responding to proposals put forth by the mayor as well as accepting or rejecting department heads. 


The Irvine City Council members are elected by the public at large. The Mayor serves a two-year term and the councilmembers each serve a four-year term. No council member is allowed to serve for more than two consecutive terms. 

Responsibilities of The Irvine City Council

  • Establishing city policy 

  • Enacting and implementing local ordinances 

  • Approving or denying the zoning and development of land 

  • Hiring the city manager 

  • Appointing some city officials

  • Taking care of the annual operating and capital improvements programs budgets

Every decision that the Irvine city council makes has a direct bearing on your life 

Absolutely none of the other levels of government have as much bearing on your day to day life as much as the city council does, beyond the highlighted points above, the city council is also responsible for: 

  • Deciding on the Policing and ensuring public safety 

  • Local housing policy

  • Local public transit system

  • Ordinances in relation to alcohol and marijuana


Beyond this, everything from recycling to trash collection is on the Irvine city council‘s jurisdiction. ​

The Irvine City Council Will Help You 

Keeping in mind the situation in which we are right now, we have all understood that even though we are a democracy, the government is not always there for us. The local government is, however, always around to help you out. 


But coming out to vote in November, you are reflecting on the change that you want to see in the country where you live. You are helping in creating a council that is there, ready to serve you at every step of the way. A vote is the only way you can hold an official accountable. 


The truth of the matter is that most policies first come into existence on a local level and then grow from there.

Why Vote Diana For Irvine City Council

Passionate, driven, and inclusive are not just buzzwords to us. 


As someone who has stayed in Irvine for more than 25 years, Diana understands and relates to Irvine inside out. She has leveraged this knowledge to craft out a platform that speaks to the holistic wellbeing of every citizen in the city of Irvine. We will take a look at the platform she is running and highlight some key points. 

She Is Your True Independent Candidate 

The first thing to remember is that she is a truly independent candidate and is standing for the people of Irvine. In the absence of any political affiliation, she has ensured that she pays attention to the community at large. The goal is to ensure that Irvine remains a safe, harmonic city with a strong public school system. 


As an independent candidate, she has also pledged to donate her complete council salary to Irvine education and senior programs building towards the betterment of the community. Keeping in line with her choice to be a truly independent candidate of Irvine. 


Public Education 

Her two children attend public school right here in Irvine. Along with that, Diana herself was a classroom mom at one point and understands that the future is in the hands of these students. Irvine has a great existing public school system and Diana hopes that can continue. To do this, she will ensure that the city provides adequate donation funding to Irvine education programs. 



City councils exist so that citizens can voice their opinions and concerns. But considering the duration and timing of these meetings, it often becomes tough for people to attend. At most, you will see about 20-30 people there. Even though these citizens mean well, their voice does not necessarily represent the entire community of Irvine. 


Diana aims to foster a better, more open relationship between the Irvine city council and its residents. 


Most information pertaining to the Irvine city council can be found online but it is still not easy for residents to navigate the website. In today’s world of high-speed internet, this needs to change. She hopes to do this with the help of a smartphone application. As far as meetings are concerned, she wants there to be a way through which the residents can video call in to attend the council meetings and have their opinions heard. 


Keep Public Safety Funded

Diana is the only candidate who has put public safety funded with diversity training and community engagement on the ballot as a list of priorities, there is a reason for that. Police officers are there for us and we should be there for them. One needs to understand that it is not just one demographic that resides in Irvine. We are a patchwork quilt and we need to know and respect everyone that resides here. The only way to continue to live in harmony is through diversity training and community engagement. 


Technology for Transparent Government

With the pandemic, one thing is very clear, we need to adopt technology and leverage it in a manner that helps us and makes information sharing easier. We are a large city with only a few people setting policy and making decisions. As a technology professional, Diana believes there are many things we could be doing to make it easier for our residents to monitor and participate in the operations of our City. Simple apps could allow our residents to access the data and status of projects in our city. The goal is to be transparent about how the citizen’s money is being spent and ensure residents' voices are integrated into the decision making process. 

Your Vote Will Create a Difference

If you still have doubts or want to double-check any information you can make your way to the Irvine city council website and read the candidature statement.


Phone Number: 949-228-9396    /     Email:

6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 129, Irvine, CA 92603

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