Diana truly believes people are the priority. Vulnerable groups in our community need to be taken care of. 


Irvine is home to an estimated 15,000 businesses.  Businesses create jobs and generate revenue for the city. Irvine is a technology and advanced education hub fed by upwardly mobile, trained graduates from University of California Irvine, Concordia University and Irvine Valley College. Diana believes the city should team with innovation and research centers in our universities and existing technology companies to advocate for “Silicon Ranch” in Irvine. It will create more  job opportunities, bring in more revenue to the city, and provide more community service programs for our residents. A positive cycle! 


We need to focus on helping our businesses who are struggling due to the pandemic. Government assistance can be difficult to navigate by those applying for the first time. The city should help guide businesses to and help apply for the available federal and state relief programs. Some business sectors will no longer be in demand while at the same time, others will grow, as supply and demand helps them evolve. During and after recovery, the city can sponsor workshops highlighting emerging job sectors and best practices for adapting to new realities and act as a resource for job training opportunities.