Irvine is one of the safest cities in America. It’s one of the reasons most of us moved here. Diana is running for City Council to keep it that way. 

Our state has a housing shortage AND they want the cities to solve it. Irvine already has the highest number of affordable units in the County. The state says we need to do more, AND we should, for two good reasons. Without some entry-level housing our own children will not be able to live in the city in which they were raised. Without the next tier of work-force housing our teachers, nurses, firefighters and police can’t live in the community they protect.  It would be a shame if we can’t fix that problem. The challenge is to solve these needs and still preserve our neighborhoods, property values and quality of life. 

There are no easy answers. Diana doesn’t support turning single family neighborhoods into an ocean of triplexes. We can do more to streamline the permitting process for projects that conform to our plan. The state should share part of their sales tax as an incentive for cities that meet the housing goals. Changes in our city should complement, not disrupt our careful planning.

Owning a home is the key to the American Dream.

To increase housing supply, we should stick to  our city general plan that outlines Irvine’s development goals. Housing affordability improves if there is more of it. Building what we promised in our General Plan will keep prices more affordable.


We should explore converting commercial offices that are vacant, because people will continue working from home when the pandemic has ended. That will preserve our existing neighborhoods.


We need to keep land use decisions local, but we can only do that if we creatively work together to address our housing needs.  


Diana is trained to find optimal solutions to complicated situations to benefit most people.  That means ample public input, creative problem solving, sensitivity to neighboring uses and real community consensus.