Let’s Work Together

Your City, Your Candidate


Stay together.

If I am elected, I will donate my city council salary to the Irvine education and senior programs  I am the candidate taking real action during this difficult time to keep friends, neighbors, businesses, and each other connected in solidarity even while social distancing.


Keep our neighborhoods safe.

Read through each candidate’s qualification statement. I am the only candidate who put priority “Keep Public Safety funded" with “diversity training” and “community engagement” on the ballot. 


Modern technology for a better Irvine.

I will make our city policy-making process more inclusive by giving residents easy and better access to city meetings and amplifying their voices using software applications. I will improve information sharing and transparency about city construction projects and how much tax money residents have paid for it by using location based software.


Support our public education.

My two kids attend public schools here. I was a classroom mom. We are proud of our wonderful school system here. I will ensure the city matches adequate donation funding for our students and teachers in Irvine. I will also be donating my entire city council salary to schools and senior centers.

2020 Irvine City Council Elections - Paid for by Diana Jiang for Irvine City Council 2020. ID #1430218